Mitsubishi Mr. Slim GR Series | R32 Inverter

This deluxe series features advanced inverter technology developed worldwide through many years of experience.
  • R32 Inverter
  • Fast Cooling
  • Quiet Operation
  • Auto Vane Control


Reasons to choose Mitsubishi Electric Wall-mounted Air Conditioners.
Learn more about how Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners can meet the needs of just about any building.

Auto Vane Control
Auto vanes can be moved left and right, and up and down using the remote controller with 6 horizontal swing positions and 5 vertical swing positions.

Quiet Operation
This innovative technology uses 8 built-in sensors to accurately detect the temperature of the human body and floor surface by dividing the room into different zones.

Fast Cooling
Fast Cooling is the most essential desire in air conditioner. Mitsubishi Electric Fast Cooling brings you fast refreshment in your life.

7+2 Years Warranty
With Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, you can rest assured that our products are built to last for years. Products are tested and inspected thoroughly to ensure they work just as well in your homes as it does in our factories.

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